About Us::

is a parent and toddler group based on the concept of active learning through music and movement.


It is an ideal class for babies and toddlers up to the age of four as nursery rhymes complement modern pop tunes allowing children to have fun and to use up their energy without restrictions in a safe environment. The interactive nature of the class allows babies, specifically, to bond with their parents while they learn through their senses. It is also an ideal class for special needs children because they not only explore how their bodies move to music and sound but they are also able to use props and musical instruments to experience rhythm, harmony, melodies, pitch and pulse.


Our instructors are qualified in Early Years Education. What is more important, however, is that we are passionate about children having fun and enjoying themselves through such a unique experience. We love to see both babies and toddlers being creative while using up their energy! What is even better is that this is a collaborative process shared with their parent or carer. 


Together, our team help to develop children’s imagination and tap into their creativity whilst basing their work on early years education and a Montessori influenced curriculum. Most importantly, the groups are led by mothers of toddlers who have first knowledge of the importance of a group that enables a parent to interact with his or her child. Jump-in Tots! is also a great way for parents to socialise with others while meeting new friends!


What to expect::


*Parents/ Carers are encouraged to join in and interact with their child during the class


 Our high energy class includes the following elements:


  • Music and movement warm up and high energy teacher led session  including the use of props, musical instruments and puppets


  • Toddler play time with toys and a coffee/biscuit break for parents and carers to socialise


  • Teacher led group story time and wind down 



Rules and Guidelines::




Parents/carers are asked to silence their mobile phones during the teacher-led elements of the course


Parents/carers are expected to stay with (and be responsible for) their child at all times during the course of the session


Parents/carers are advised to remove their child from the group if they are being disruptive or aggressive to others during the session


A discount is given to children when a sibling pays the full admission price. There are also discounts given for those under 6 months old. 

How we are different::


We recognise that there other toddler movement and music groups available. We feel that we stand out from the rest because: 


  • We are entirely 'pay as you go', meaning you don't need to pre- book for 8 or 10 classes if your child is ill or you can't make it to a session that day.


  • Our classes cater for children aged from 6 months until 4 years old (and beyond!) So if you have children ranging in age, you don't need to book them into different classes according to their level. Everyone can enjoy the same class and work at their own pace.  


  • Our teachers are not only mothers of toddlers but are qualified in the field of Early Years Montessori teaching.   


  • The way our classes are designed allows your child to have a mixture of both teacher- led physical activties, independent play time and quiet wind-down listening and story time, all whilst bonding with their parent or guardian.